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Dental Implant Benefits

Older man in dental chair smiling at dentistAt Avanti Dentistry of Tysons, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles. Following the loss of even one tooth, it’s important to restore the smile as soon as possible. Traditional tooth replacement options only restore the parts of the teeth visible above the gum line, but dental implant supported restorations replace both the roots and crowns of missing teeth, making them the ideal restoration option for many patients. Call our team to schedule a tooth replacement consultation in our Tysons dental office. We’ll examine your smile, review your treatment options, and help you to find the best possible treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

Youthful Appearance

Even with a traditional tooth replacement, patients still experience the loss of healthy jawbone density and gum tissue volume that leads to changes in facial shape over time. This is due to the lack of stimulus to the supportive structures that causes the body to reroute nutrients to other parts of the body. An implant post provides this stimulation, maintaining jawbone density, gum tissue volume, and a youthful appearance.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Woman in dental chair smiling at dentistFor denture wearers especially, the quality and stability of the replacement teeth significantly impacts function, limiting diet. Even the best fitting dentures only restore about 20% of healthy chewing ability. An implant supported denture or other restoration option will allow patients to consume all of their favorite foods by restoring 70% or more of their chewing abilities.

No Adverse Impact on Healthy Dental Structures

Because implant supported restorations are self-supporting, your healthy teeth, gums, and oral structures will not be adversely impacted by these restorations. Traditional restorations rely on healthy teeth for support, and over time, this added strain can lead to further tooth loss. An implant supported tooth replacement plan will allow you to maintain or improve your level of oral health and function.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Man looking at smile in mirrorBecause the implant supported tooth replacement functions like your healthy, natural smile, you can keep your regular at-home hygiene routine. Simply brush at least twice a day and visit us two times each year. Depending on the type of tooth replacement prosthetic you receive, you may need to make some changes to how you floss, but we will be happy to help you with proper technique during your dental exams and teeth cleaning appointments.

Long Lasting with High Success Rates

After 20 years, implant-retained restorations have a success rate between 90 and 95%. Traditional tooth replacement options need to be repaired or exchanged for new prosthetics every five to ten years. While 20 years is the average, some patients are able to keep their implant supported replacement teeth for the rest of their lives.

Increased Confidence

Dentist showing implant model to female patientBecause the implant supported restorations offer improved stability, you’ll have the confidence to speak, eat, or share a smile in any company. No more concern with slipping, sliding dentures. Just a picture-perfect smile.