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Are Dental Implants Worth the Added Cost?

November 10, 2018

Dentist talking to patient about dental implant costsDental implant supported tooth replacement has quickly become the gold-standard tooth replacement option because they are the only solution that restores both the roots and crowns of missing teeth. However, the number one factor that causes patients to hesitate before beginning a dental implant tooth replacement plan is the cost. Even though they do come with a higher price tag, many people find the benefits of these treatment options far outweigh the potential drawbacks, making them well worth your investment.

The Dental Implant Process

Dental implants are placed over the course of several phases of treatment, which allows patients to budget for the costs associated with individual treatment steps rather than paying for the entire, complex restoration outright. We’ll begin by preparing your smile with tooth extractions, tissues grafts, and other treatments. Then, we’ll place one or more dental implant posts. Once the implants are fused with the bone and soft tissue, we’ll attach abutment posts that anchor the replacement tooth or teeth. Finally, your crown, bridge, or denture is designed and attached to the implants, recreating your flawless smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

While the complex treatments do require some added investment, the benefits outweigh the costs. Some of the many advantages include:

  • Longevity – implant supported restorations can last for two decades or longer with proper care.
  • Stability – an implant supported denture can restore 70% or more of your natural chewing ability compared with just 20% possible with traditional dentures.
  • Oral health – because the tooth roots and the dental crowns are both replaced, the implant supported restoration is fully self-supporting, protecting surrounding teeth and providing the necessary stimulus to maintain healthy jawbone density and gum tissue volume.

The Avanti Dentistry Team

At Avanti Dentistry, we’re dedicated to delivering a full range of dental care options to keep patients of all ages healthy and smiling. Our skilled dentists offer compassionate and patient-centered treatment plans that ensure the optimal level of oral health that will last a lifetime, including dental implant supported tooth replacement. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or a full row of teeth, the Avanti Dentistry team is here to repair your damaged smile from the roots up.  Call to schedule your tooth replacement consultation in our state-of-the-art, Tysons dental office to get started with your smile repair plan right away. Our knowledgeable dentistry team members are happy to process and file dental insurance claims to minimize the out of pocket costs of dental care, and we work with third party financiers to offer low and no interest payment plans.

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