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The Dentist in Tysons Corner Retreats Failed Root Canals

August 30, 2016

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Is the pain back in a tooth with a root canal? Contact the dentist in Tysons Corner for retreatment. A root canal is a dental procedure designed to treat an infected tooth. Infection can begin deep within the pulp chamber of your tooth when extensive tooth decay, a fracture or a crack gives bacteria access to this area. During root canal therapy, the infected contents of the pulp chamber and the attached canals are cleaned, disinfected and sealed. The vast majority of root canals are successful. However, as with any medical or dental procedure, root canals do not come with a 100 percent guarantee and some become reinfected. In this case, the dentist in Tysons Corner at Avanti Dentistry will perform root canal retreatment.

Reasons Why A Root Canal Fails

Root canal failure can be attributed to a number of possibilities. First, the root canals of any tooth are very slender and branch off from the pulp chamber. Like the chamber, the canals contain nerve, lymph and blood tissue. Some canals are so narrow that they are actually difficult to detect. Also, their narrowness can hinder the effectiveness of initial root canal therapy.

Alternatively, the root canals may have become reinfected due to:

  • Failure of the crown restoration that encapsulates the tooth for protection and strength
  • Additional tooth decay
  • Periodontitis, or advanced gum disease
  • A tooth that has been subsequently fractured or cracked

Retreating a Root Canal in Tysons Corner

While many dentists may advise extracting a tooth that needs retreatment of a root canal in Tysons Corner, the dentists at Avanti Dentistry would almost always prefer to help you keep your natural tooth. Therefore, endodontic retreatment is more than likely the right choice for you.

Retreatment is similar to an initial root canal with a few minor changes. Once local anesthesia has been administered to the tooth and surrounding tissue, a dentist in Tysons Corner will drill through the dental crown in place in order to access the inner part of the tooth and remove the material used to fill pulp chamber and root canals. Once this is out of the way, the area is thoroughly cleaned with special endodontic files. A microscope and light will be used to find any additional canals that may have been missed initially. Once the canals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, the area is refilled with a biocompatible substance and a temporary filling is placed until a new permanent restoration is ready.

Call Your Dentist in Tysons Corner Today

For retreatment or an initial root canal in Tysons Corner, contact Avanti Dentistry. Our goal is to help preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime.

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