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Endodontist in Tysons Corner: Truth About Root Canals May Surprise You

October 6, 2016

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dentist near me in tysons cornerIf you have severe tooth decay or damage, you will need more than a simple filling to enjoy renewed oral health. Endodontic treatment, more commonly called a root canal, may be the solution for you. But if those two words also send a strike of fear in your heart, we’ve got good news. Today’s root canals are a pain-free, effective way to save your tooth from extraction. Searching for “dentist near me” in Tysons Corner? The search is over — your endodontist performing comfortable root canals is located at Avanti Dentistry!

Busting the Myth About Root Canal Therapy

It’s one of the most feared procedures in dentistry. But anyone who has ever had a root canal knows the actual treatment isn’t anything compared to the original toothache. In fact, endodontic therapy is comfortably performed under local anesthesia. Avanti Dentistry also offers options in sedation dentistry for soothing jittery nerves. We’ll only begin the treatment once you’re completely calm and comfortable — we promise.

So what happens during the root canal treatment? After you are ready, your dentist removes all infected and diseased tissue from the inside of the tooth. Then, the tooth’s interior is measured and reshaped. A biocompatible material known as gutta percha fills the tooth. If the root canal can be completed in just one appointment, a permanent filling is placed. If two visits to the dentist are required, a temporary filling is used while the infection heals and a permanent restoration is manufactured. The final step in the root canal is usually a sturdy dental crown.

When You Need a Root Canal

If you suspect you have severe tooth decay, or if you know you have an injured tooth that needs some help, please don’t wait to seek treatment from your dentist. Too many adults put off necessary dental care out of fear — but there is no need to dread a root canal. And in fact, delaying treatment may result in the loss of your tooth. While today’s tooth replacement options are better than ever, there is no real substitute that is as good as your natural tooth.

Root canal treatment is necessary when disease and infection reach the interior of the tooth. The discomfort from a root canal can be difficult to ignore, or the diseased tooth can be so far gone that it presents no pain at all. Learn to recognize the symptoms of a root canal to seek treatment sooner, rather than later.

  • Sensitivity or lingering pain to hot or cold foods
  • Sharp pain when biting down
  • Dull, constant pain in the tooth
  • Swollen gums
  • A pimple-like bump on the gum
  • Bad taste in the mouth or persistent bad breath

Your Endodontist Is At Avanti Dentistry

General dentists are qualified to perform root canal therapy, but endodontists have special training in saving teeth from extraction with endodontic treatment. And guess what? Your endodontist is at Avanti Dentistry!

Contact our office as soon as you suspect you or someone you love needs root canal therapy. We perform the treatment comfortably and efficiently in our state-of-the-art office. Request an appointment with the endodontist in Tyson’s Corner today!

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