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Find the best endodontist in Tysons Corner, VA

January 1, 2016

Filed under: Endodontics — Dr. Farshad Farhoumand @ 10:44 pm

best endodontistBe sure to preserve your teeth. When concerned about dental injury or abscess, consult the best endodontist in Tysons Corner, VA at Avanti Dentistry.

Avoid extraction, and keep your natural teeth as long as possible. That’s what preventive dentistry is all about. When critical restorative services become necessary, enlist the services of a skilled endodontist such as Dr. Kathy Le at Avanti Dentistry in Tysons Corner, VA.


What does an endodontist do?

An endodontist performs root canal therapy. Too often maligned as a long, agonizing procedure, root canal, or endodontic, therapy is actually very comfortable and takes just 2 hour-long visits to Avanti Dentistry. The procedure restores a failing tooth to full health and function, eliminating the need for extraction.

A member of the American Association of Endodontists, Dr. Lee has advanced dental training and is very skilled in restoring teeth with:

  • traumatic injuries such as fractures
  • advanced decay
  • multiple and failing restorations
  • congenital defect
  • dental abscess (infection)

Say, for example, that a patient presents to Avanti Dentistry with a bad toothache, including a swollen jaw, redness and swelling around the gum line. After oral examination and x-rays, Dr. Le may determine that a “root canal” is in order. As the Tysons Corner endodontist at Avanti Dentistry, Dr. Le would perform the procedure in-house, typically using nothing more than local anesthetic to make the individual comfortable.

The root canal procedure

To access the infected tooth pulp, Dr. Le first drills a small pilot hole into one of up to 4 tooth chambers, or root canals. She then removes the pulp which is comprised of blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. Deep decay or injury frequently causes this pulp to infect. Fortunately, a viable adult tooth functions well indefinitely without the pulp.

After extracting the pulp with a series of tiny files and instilling some antimicrobial material, Dr. Le fills and seals the chamber with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material that adds strength to the tooth. She repeats the procedure on the remaining canals as needed and places a temporary filling or cap over the tooth. After a week or 2 of healing, the patient comes back to Avanti Dentistry for placement of a permanent porcelain crown.

Patients retain their natural tooth for years after endodontic therapy as a “root canal” allows them to bite, chew and speak normally and also retain the appearance and strength of a natural tooth. Once a tooth has been restored in this way, the patient can expect years of successful service and smiles, too.

Choose the best endodontist

Specialists such as Kathy Le DDS take advanced dentistry courses and perform repeated root canal procedures. So, Avanti Dentistry patients are assured of the most proficient treatment available. Also,  practice founder Dr. Farshad Farhoumand has assembled a dedicated team of specialists and the most technologically advanced equipment such as the Cone Beam 3D scan which gives Dr. Le and the other dentists the best imaging for treatment planning.

Don’t delay

If you think your tooth is in jeopardy, contact Avanti Dentistry for an appointment with the best endodontist in the area. Root canal therapy may be your best treatment for your ailing oral health.

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