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How is a Kid Friendly Dentist Different From a Pediatric Dentist?

Kid Friendly Dentist Tysons, VA

Many parents often forget the need to get a kid friendly dentist when choosing a dentist for their children. A kid friendly dentist offers additional benefits that are not available from a regular dentist's office. Some might also get confused when they encounter pediatric dentists and wonder if there is any difference. Pediatric dentists also cater to the dental needs of children. This article provides an overview of the services provided by kid friendly dentists.

The need to visit a kid friendly dentist

The major difference between a kid friendly dentist and a pediatric dentist is that the pediatric dentist's services start when the kid's baby teeth first appear and ends when the final adult teeth finally erupt, usually in the teenage years. However, a kid-friendly dentist serves the needs of both children and the entire family. Still, instead of providing generalized services, they ensure there is adequate provision for the kids, whose special requirements are not often addressed by many dentists.

No child is born with the fear of visiting the dentist. The fear often follows certain encounters. The purpose of visiting the kid-friendly dentist is to provide the child with a pleasant experience. The dentist will try to keep the child comfortable and try to explain the child's questions in simple terms to ensure easy comprehension. They will also provide tips to make dental care at home more fun for the child.

Training and education

All dentists must go through dental school, but kid friendly dentists proceed to complete a two or three residency program where they learn to cater to kids' specific needs all the way to young adulthood. The specialized training makes them highly skilled at addressing the oral health requirements of growing kids up to adulthood. They develop treatment plans suitable for the child and ensure their baby teeth get adequate care and that the adult teeth erupt without issues.

The office

Their understanding of managing children allows them to set up their offices with the kids in mind. The dental office has exciting decorations, bright colors, with provisions for murals, toys, games, and other fun activities. These steps ensure the environment is welcoming and fun for the child, keeping them at ease when they are in the dental chair. Kid-friendly dentists enjoy working with children and know what to do if the child is nervous about dental appointments or has special health needs.

The services

Kid friendly dentists offer services like dental checkups and cleanings for kids, as with general dentists. They can also provide suggestions on proper oral hygiene routine and nutrition. The recommendations can help prevent cavities in children and set the stage for lasting healthy teeth and gums.

In conclusion

By visiting a kid friendly dentist, you are ensuring that your kids get the best oral healthcare from a dental professional who will try to create a positive experience for every patient who walks through their door. When the child only has good memories of dental appointments, they will not hesitate to visit the dental office next time -- a habit will follow them to adulthood.

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