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How To Increase Chance of Success With Dental Implants

Dental Implant Tysons, VA

The process of dental implant placement is a financial and emotional investment. It also requires a significant amount of time and energy. For this reason, the patient and the dentist need to work as a team to ensure the success of dental implants.

What does successful dental implant surgery look like?

Starting with the surgical process, a patient should experience painless, uneventful procedures. There should be very little bleeding experienced during surgery. During the recovery period, the patient should only undergo a manageable level of discomfort. The surgical incision should start to heal almost immediately, and the swelling should go down within a few days of the surgery.

Ideally, the patient will remain free of infection, swelling or persistent pain in the weeks following the dental implant surgery. The implant will remain completely immobile as the patient heals. In a matter of weeks, the surgical site should be nearly back to normal, and the process of osseointegration should be underway.

When the patient goes in for a follow-up exam, the dentist will use X-ray images to check on the implant. If things go according to plan, the X-ray will show new bone growth around the implant. The surface of the implant will be in the process of fusing with adjacent bone tissue.

How dentists ensure a good outcome for dental implant surgery

It may not seem like it, but some of the most important aspects of a treatment plan for a dental implant is screening and planning. First, the dentist makes sure that the patient is in good physical health. If the person has a medical issue, the dentist will insist on consulting with the patient’s primary care physician first. If the doctor gives the go-ahead, the dentist will take extra precautions to ensure the success of the surgery, including the following measures:

  • Confirming that a diabetic patient has consistently good blood glucose levels
  • Prescribing a course of antibiotics prior to and after the procedure for patients with slightly weakened immune systems
  • Discontinuing specific medications, with the permission of the patient's doctor, in the days leading up to the implant surgery
  • Delaying the implant surgery until the patient's gums are healthy when the implants are part of a treatment plan for a person that suffered from a disease
  •  Avoiding interference with the sinuses if the dental implants need to go in the upper jaw or performing a sinus lift before proceeding with the implant placement
  • Avoiding placement of an implant too close to nerves and other soft tissue
  • Performing bone graft surgery where necessary
  • Avoiding placement of same-day teeth in patients that are at risk for implant failure
  • Keeping close tabs on the patient’s progress in the months following the surgery

A patient’s role in the success of dental implant surgery

No matter how good a job a periodontist or oral surgeon does, the success of a dental implant often still comes down to post-surgery care. A person needs to take extra care of the mouth, especially the surgical site, in the days, weeks, months and even years after dental implant placement. Here are the most important measures to adhere to:

  • Take any medication prescribed by the doctor or dentist
  • Manage any underlying health conditions to prevent implant failure
  • Quit smoking to avoid slowing the healing process
  • Follow proper post-surgical care, including pain management
  • Eat soft foods for the first few weeks
  • Maintain strict oral hygiene standards
  • Use prescription anti-bacterial treatment
  • Keep the implant immobile by protecting the surgical site from pressure and strain

An implant that remains intact after the first year is likely to last a lifetime. That said, a patient should take measures to ensure its long-term success, including good dental habits like fastidious oral cleanliness, a healthy diet and regular dental checkups. A person should also maintain overall systemic health, especially if a chronic medical condition such as diabetes is involved.

Talk to a dentist about ways to make dental implant surgery successful

A dental professional who has years of experience with dental implant surgery can answer questions, determine if an implant is a good option for the patient and offer advice for implant success. A trustworthy professional will go over everything patients need to know about dental implants and how to make them last a lifetime.

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