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September 5, 2015

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Discover the best oral surgeon in Tysons Corner, VA.When a patient needs to undergo any kind of oral surgery, many questions may enter their mind. The first of which usually is, “Where can I go for the best service provided by a terrific oral surgeon?” The answer is right here at Avanti Dentistry in Tysons Corner, VA. Not only do we provide many fantastic dentistry services, but we also do our own oral surgery in-house. The man behind all of our successful oral surgeries is Dr. Farshad Farhoumand. He is the best oral surgeon in the area and his patients couldn’t agree more. Not only can you count on professional results that will leave you speechless, but every procedure is done with special attention on gentle care.

Oral Surgery Service You Can Trust

Our team specializes in removing wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, the only way for wisdom teeth to come out is by going under the knife. Not everyone has wisdom teeth that need to come out, but for those that do, you can trust our expertise. Most of the time, wisdom teeth are misaligned and awkwardly positioned. If they “erupt”, or start to protrude through the gum line, it can make the procedure that much more painful. It can cause serious problems like crowding or can heavily damage the surrounding teeth, jawbone, nerves and more. The only way to see whether or not you need wisdom teeth pulled is by visiting our office and receiving an X-Ray.

Oral surgery involves placing dental implants, too. Dr. Farhoumand is certified in dental implants. He’s helped place many hundreds of implants over his long career and offers excellent service for each of his patients. Dental implants bring much needed comfort and proper functionality back to a mouth that’s been affected by missing teeth. Once a dental implant is gently placed by Dr. Farhoumand, you’ll start to see excellent cosmetic results, not to mention an increase in your oral health.

You can count on Dr. Farhoumand’s expertise to deliver fantastic results. Not only has he been voted one of America’s Top Dentists of 2013, but also won the Best of Vienna 2012 Award for General & Cosmetic Dentistry. With over 35 years of dentistry experience under his belt, and the son of a longtime dentist, he’s able to bring harmony back to Tysons Corner, VA residents’ mouths. He also strives to maintain a comfortable and relaxing office atmosphere that helps keep patients calm. We’d like to think of our office as your home away from home.

Schedule Your Appointment Today with the Best Dentist in Tysons Corner

If you’re in need of oral surgery but don’t know where to look to receive excellent treatment, we invite you to visit our office in Tysons Corner, VA. Our dental staff will help make your visit with us as comfortable and successful as possible. Dr. Farhoumand is the oral surgeon in Tysons Corner that patients can trust.

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