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The Phenomenal Orthodontic Treatment in Tyson’s Corner, VA

April 15, 2015

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Do you have perfectly straight teeth? If the answer is no, do not feel bad. Most people do not come close to having straight teeth. As teeth grow in, they press against each other, crowd together, push apart, and ultimately, become misaligned. We all dream of having a beautiful, straight smile, but it’s very improbable that it will happen naturally. Braces are the go-to answer for straightening teeth, but many adults do not want to deal with metal brackets and wires. For those who live in Tyson’s Corner, VA, Avanti Dentistry offers orthodontic alternative to straighten teeth and provide a magnificent smile.

Great Alternatives to Traditional Braces

The expert doctors and practitioners at our office understand that the idea of braces or orthodontic treatment may not sound very appealing, but our orthodontic alternatives will make you reconsider. Our office is equipped with new breakthroughs in dentistry, and we can provide fantastic, natural-looking options for straightening teeth, including:

  • Invisalign: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign does not require brackets or wires. After the dentist takes 3D images of your mouth, teeth, and gums, a certified Invisalign laboratory crafts sets of customized aligners. The aligners fit around the teeth, and each set will be worn for a specified amount of time. Over time, through small pressure, your teeth will begin to line up in perfect position. With Invisalign, there are no dietary restrictions. The aligners can be removed when eating, brushing your teeth, etc.
  • Hidden Braces: Also known as lingual braces, are similar to regular braces, except they are mounted on the inside (lingual side) of the teeth. This style of treatment is essentially non-visible to others, and a patient can undergo a complete treatment without feeling self-conscious about the aesthetics.
  • Accelerated Orthodontics: Sometimes called “high speed braces” or “six month braces,” these braces move teeth into position in a short amount of time (six to nine months). The brackets and wires are white and clear, making them blend in with the color of your teeth.

Let Us Give You a Perfect Smile

Are you ready to get a set of perfectly straight teeth? Call our office in Tyson’s Corner, VA and schedule a consultation with our caring professionals. Our office doors are wide open and ready to accept patients residing in Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, Fairfax, Washington D.C., Arlington, McLean, and the surrounding Virginia areas.

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