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Painless, Professional Endodontics in Tyson’s Corner, VA

April 7, 2015

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Do you feel a constant, intense pain throbbing in your tooth? Does your tooth have a lingering pain after you eat or drink something cold? These can be signs of an infected or inflamed tooth. When a tooth becomes infected and causes incredible pain, there is one solution to fix the problem and relieve the pain: root canal therapy. We know the term can strike fear, since it’s infamous for being unpleasant, but with dental advancements and modern technology, the procedure is essentially painless. Our Endodontic Specialist at Avanti Dentistry in Tyson’s Corner, VA can perform a professional root canal treatment and remove the infection from your tooth.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing is imperative for proper oral health, but even a regular routine of cleaning can still miss problem spots. When you miss those hard-to-read spots, plaque and bacteria will buildup, and tartar will form. Without a regular, thorough cleaning by our team of skilled dental masters, the tartar can cause infections within the tooth, which causes incredible pain and forms abscesses. When this happens, root canal therapy is necessary. But worry not, as our Endodontic Specialist can perform the procedure without causing any pain or discomfort.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Inside of the tooth, there lies soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and it helps grow the root of the tooth during developmental stages. When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, it must be removed from the tooth in order to save it. Our Specialist will apply an anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth, and then drill a small hole into the tooth. The pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully disinfected and cleaned with a special solution. The hole is filled with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material, and the tooth is restored with a crown. After the procedure, the tooth will function like your other teeth.

I Need a Specialist to Look at my Problem Tooth.

Do not let a troubled tooth cause you any more grief. Contact our office to schedule your consultation with our staff of amazing, attentive professionals. We are genuinely proud to provide our service to Tyson’s Corner, VA, Vienna, Fairfax, Washington D.C., Arlington, McLean, and the neighboring communities.

Fast Relief for Tooth Pain with Tysons Corner Endodontics at Avanti Dentistry

February 5, 2015

A severe toothache can be debilitating, distracting you from your work and keeping you from getting the restful sleep you need at night. The continuous, throbbing pain you feel in your tooth and your jaw may be caused by a root canal infection, a problem that will not go away on its own. To find quick toothache relief in an environment designed with your comfort in mind, trust the Tysons Corner endodontics specialists at Avanti Dentistry.

How Root Canal Therapy Helps Stop Tooth Pain

When an infection takes hold in the root of a tooth, the sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels located within send pain signals to the brain. This is an indication that something is wrong, and any recurring pain should be evaluated as soon as possible by your Tysons Corner endodontics experts. Neglecting to address the pain in a timely manner can result in extensive damage to the tooth and contributes to the risk of jaw bone deterioration.

Fortunately, root canal therapy can save your tooth before extraction becomes necessary. Our team will first ensure that you are completely comfortable, offering anesthetic and sedation as needed. The infected tissue from within the tooth’s canals will be removed and the resultant cavity will be thoroughly cleansed of any remaining bacteria. Then the area will be filled with a biocompatible material to protect against future infection, and a custom crown will be placed over the tooth to restore its structure. The entire process can typically be completed in a single visit, allowing you to move on with your day and your life, completely free of pain.

Get the Toothache Relief You Need

Don’t suffer through another day of pain caused by root canal infection. The experienced team at Avanti Dentistry is standing by and ready to help. Contact us today to schedule your visit, and see what a difference root canal therapy can make in your smile and in your daily life. With cutting-edge technology and a patient-centric approach, we happily offer a full range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services to patients in Tysons Corner, VA and the surrounding areas, including McLean, Vienna, Fairfax, Arlington, Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy? Trust the Tysons Corner Endodontic Experts

December 10, 2014

The only definitive way to determine your need for endodontic treatment is to schedule a consultation with the team at Avanti Dentistry. We will carefully assess your oral health, listen to your concerns, and take x-rays to capture detailed images of your teeth. Some of the symptoms of a root infection include:

  • Severe pain in and around a tooth upon application of pressure, including chewing
  • Sensitivity or pain that recurs when tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures
  • A change in the color of the tooth, typically to a dark gray
  • Tenderness in the gums, often accompanied by swelling
  • The existence of a recurring abscess or pimple in the gums

The presence of these symptoms warrants a call to your Tysons Corner endodontist at Avanti Dentistry. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible in order to put a stop to your pain quickly and efficiently.

Tysons Corner Families Trust Avanti Dentistry

As experienced Tysons Corner endodontic experts, we understand that some of our patients experience a fair amount of trepidation regarding root canal treatment. Though this procedure is entirely safe and effective – no more uncomfortable than having a regular filling – many people have developed a sense of anxiety over years of hearing horror stories about root canals. We’d like to take this opportunity to alleviate your concerns and to let you know that we always keep your safety, comfort, and best interests in mind. To ensure your comfort and relaxation throughout your entire procedure, we offer sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious sedation, inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide), and IV sedation. We also provide comfy heated towels, soothing music, and special massage chairs. Allow us to create a comfortable, peaceful environment for you while you receive the endodontic care you need to preserve your healthy smile.

Schedule Your Visit Today

Have you or someone in your family experienced any of the common symptoms of a root canal infection? Don’t spend another day in discomfort; call us today to schedule your appointment with our Tysons Corner endodontics specialists at Avanti Dentistry. Our family-friendly, state-of-the-art dental practice warmly welcomes patients from throughout Tysons Corner, Vienna, McLean, Arlington, Fairfax, Washington, D.C., and beyond. We can’t wait to show you what a difference our experience, dedication, and gentle approach can make in your next dental experience.