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Are Sports & Energy Drinks Bad for Teeth?

December 22, 2018

In recent years people have started consuming more sports and energy drinks. While these drinks may seem harmless, researchers from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) published a 2012 study indicating that the increased consumption of sports and energy drinks along with a decrease in water consumption may be leading to a greater risk for cavities. Keep reading to learn more about the potentially negative impact of sports and energy drinks on oral health and how you can maintain your healthiest smile.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Added Cost?

November 10, 2018

Dentist talking to patient about dental implant costsDental implant supported tooth replacement has quickly become the gold-standard tooth replacement option because they are the only solution that restores both the roots and crowns of missing teeth. However, the number one factor that causes patients to hesitate before beginning a dental implant tooth replacement plan is the cost. Even though they do come with a higher price tag, many people find the benefits of these treatment options far outweigh the potential drawbacks, making them well worth your investment.

New Year, New You! – Smile Makeover Resolutions

October 8, 2018

Man with a perfect white smile looking awayWhen it comes to New Year’s resolutions, people tend to set goals for their health and financial wellness. While oral health care may not immediately come to mind, making some changes to your dental care routine can be an easy way to get healthier and save money in the New Year. In this post, we’ll walk through how you can improve your oral health and your budget with regular, preventive dental checkups and teeth cleaning appointments with your Tysons area dentist.

Use Your Dental Insurance Before the End of the Year!

September 25, 2018

Smiling woman looking at tablet computerAt the end of the year, families have holiday plans, travel, they’re working around kids’ schedules in and out of school. In short, the end of the year is a busy and high stress time for everyone. We don’t want to add one more thing to your to-do list, but if you haven’t already scheduled both of your preventive dental exams this year, it’s time to get in at least one before the end of your dental insurance coverage year. The majority of dental insurance providers will reset their benefits at the end of the plan year, so if you haven’t used your available dental insurance coverage, you might lose it. Keep reading to learn more about dental insurance and how visiting your trusted Tysons dentist twice a year can help you make the most of your available benefits.

Is Bone Grafting Before Dental Implants Important?

August 14, 2018

Dentist showing patient dental x-raysFollowing the loss of one or more teeth, the jawbone and gum tissue no longer receive stimulus from tooth roots. Without this stimulus, the body reroutes nutrients to other areas, which leads to diminished jawbone density and gum tissue volume over time. Before placing one or more dental implants, we may need to provide a bone or soft tissue graft in order to ensure the dental implant post will successfully fuse with the supportive structures to anchor your replacement tooth or teeth. In this post, we’ll discuss the types of bone grafts and why they may be necessary prior to the placement of dental implants.

Trying to Find a Top Oral Surgeon in Tysons Corner?

September 11, 2015

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You can find a top oral surgeon right here at Avanti Dentistry.If you’re seeking oral surgery service from one of the top dentists in the area, look no further than Dr. Farhoumand. He offers oral surgery services that are gentle and help keep your oral health in fantastic shape. Whenever oral surgery is recommended, naturally, a patient is very apprehensive about receiving treatment. Oral surgery is a major dental procedure that requires great skill and expertise. Luckily for your patients, Dr. Farhoumand has successfully helped patients from all over the area gain better oral health through oral surgery.

Our Tysons Corner, VA office has some of the most desired dentistry services all in one building. If you’re in need of oral surgery, we won’t outsource you to another dental office. We can also provide periodontal therapy and orthodontic treatments as well. We’re a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to taking care of a patient’s mouth. Your molars and wisdom teeth can cause major problems if they have become infected or have erupted. Dr. Farhoumand is the implant dentist that can bring harmony back to your oral region. Living life with fantastic oral health is what we want for you.


You can Find The Best Oral Surgeon in Tysons Corner, VA Right Here!

September 5, 2015

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Discover the best oral surgeon in Tysons Corner, VA.When a patient needs to undergo any kind of oral surgery, many questions may enter their mind. The first of which usually is, “Where can I go for the best service provided by a terrific oral surgeon?” The answer is right here at Avanti Dentistry in Tysons Corner, VA. Not only do we provide many fantastic dentistry services, but we also do our own oral surgery in-house. The man behind all of our successful oral surgeries is Dr. Farshad Farhoumand. He is the best oral surgeon in the area and his patients couldn’t agree more. Not only can you count on professional results that will leave you speechless, but every procedure is done with special attention on gentle care.


Dental Emergencies Can’t Wait – Visit Our Tysons Corner, VA Office Today

August 31, 2015

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You can’t wait on a dental emergency.A dental emergency isn’t fun to deal with. Whether it’s you or one of your loved ones, dental emergencies can be scary situations. When something like this happens, it’s important to get help immediately. Time is of the essence when you’re dealing with a dental emergency, and we want you to stay as safe as possible while increasing the possibility of saving a damaged or knocked-out tooth. It’s important to know that a dental emergency can arise anywhere and at any time. Nobody is ever truly prepared for a dental emergency, let alone a regular emergency.

We want you to know that you have a friend in us whenever a dental emergency happens. At our office in Tysons Corner, VA, you can count on our team to deliver high-quality emergency treatment for your family. Dr. Farhoumand and the rest of our dental staff are committed to bringing harmony to you oral health, and we do that by providing the best services possible. Emergency dental care is included in this fantastic dental care. When a dental emergency happens, call us first! Dr. Farhoumand is the Emergency dentist in Tysons Corner that residents can trust. In addition, he’s also the emergency dentist McLean residents can trust, too.


Choosing the right Tysons Corner, VA oral surgeon

August 3, 2015

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Impacted wisdom teeth cause pain and infection.Tysons Corner oral surgeons diagnose and treat defects, diseases and injuries of the teeth, gums, jaw and face. The dentists at Avanti Dentistry deal with these problems daily, bringing their advanced training and skill to patients needing tooth extractions, reconstructive surgery and advanced prosthodontics, periodontics and orthodontics.

Tysons Corner oral and maxillofacial surgeons handle the most complex dental services such as wisdom teeth extractions, placing dentalimplants, correcting cleft lip and palate, bite issues, skeletal irregularities, facial trauma to bone and soft tissues,  oral cancer, obstructive sleep apnea and TMJ dysfunction. Patients deserve the best credentials, skills and chairside manner when facing surgery. How should they choose an oral surgeon?


Effective Dental Hygiene Between Visits

June 17, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-76765623When you leave a hygiene appointment with the outstanding staff at Avanti Dentistry your teeth look and feel their best. They are completely clean, and it feels great. By the next morning, that wonderful squeaky clean smile is a thing of the past. At Avanti Dentistry we want our patients to keep their teeth feeling like they just left a hygiene appointment. Some tips and tricks for effective at-home dental hygiene can help your teeth look and feel their best. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled hygienists, at our convenient Tysons Corner, VA location.

The Basics

Preventive dentistry is the best way to avoid oral health issues that can be painful, difficult to treat, and hazardous to your physical health. We all think we know how to care for our teeth at home, but what you don’t know may surprise you. Maybe you know that you’re supposed to brush twice a day for two minutes and floss between your teeth at least once each day, but did you know there are multiple brushing and flossing methods or that using mouthwash directly following brushing is not encouraged? Like so many routine activities, tooth brushing is often done in a thoughtless, automatic way, but by making a change to your routine, you can significantly improve dental health.

Most of us are taught to brush our teeth as small children, and we are instructed to use one of two brushing methods a horizontal scrub (quickly moving a brush back and forth across the surfaces of the teeth), or the preferred fone’s method of using circular strokes to clean each tooth. While these methods are great for kids, there are techniques that would be much more beneficial for adults. The horizontal scrub method is damaging to enamel over time, and the fone’s method does not always adequately clean between your teeth and gums to remove plague and reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

There are many other methods for brushing your teeth, ask our hygienists to thoroughly explain them to you at your next appointment. The key to all of the brushing methods is ensure better cleaning of the places that periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay causing bacteria are most likely to grow. This means a thorough cleaning between and behind the teeth as well as along the gum line. A fast vibrating or rolling motion from the gums upwards is often effective.

Flossing is a dreaded chore, but the results speak for themselves. Your teeth look and feel better, if you floss on a daily basis. One easy switch that can make floss less of a chore is to use a single filament floss. Multifilament floss is more common but it tends to shred or break making flossing more difficult. Single filament floss is made of one single strand that slides more easily between teeth. When flossing, remember to always move floss gently back and forth between teeth until you reach the base of each tooth. Curve the floss around each tooth and gently clean below the gum line. Then, slowly move the floss back and forth to remove it from your teeth. Remember never to snap or pull floss between teeth. Gum tissue is extremely sensitive and can easily be cut or bruised.

Mouthwash that contains fluoride is a great way to retain the strength of your bite, but it shouldn’t be part of your brushing routine. After brushing, your teeth are coated with fluoride from your toothpaste which should contain at least 1350ppm of fluoride to be effective. Using fluoride mouthwash is a great after lunch dental hygiene solution. It’s easy to find a few minutes to swish your mouth wash, and you don’t have to worry about carrying along a tooth brush to work, school, or a restaurant. Travel sized mouthwash bottles are easy to carry, and refilling them from a larger bottle makes them cost effective too. Remember not to eat or drink for 30 minutes following the use of fluoride mouthwash.

A Few Tough Choices

Between visits there’s really only one other way to keep your teeth healthier and cleaner, and that’s to make a few tough choices about the food and drinks you consume. Foods and beverages that are high in sugar, acid or color can cause long-term damage to your teeth. Building a habit of rinsing with mouth wash or brushing immediately following meals is one way to combat the potential damage, but if you consistently struggle with tooth decay or gum disease, it may be time to start considering eliminating problem foods from your diet.

If you experience a dental emergency (lost tooth, abscess tooth, severe cut of mouth or tongue, etc.) try to visit us as soon as possible, but hygiene is essential to avoid bacterial growth that can lead to infection or decay. Be sure to clean any affected area with warm water, and slow blood flow with a cold compress or ice. Never remove debris from between your teeth with anything other than floss. Until you are able to schedule an office visit, continue to clean the damaged area as part of your hygiene routine, but take special care not to reopen cuts or further damage teeth.

Finally, if all the extra cleaning and change in diet still don’t give you the movie star grin you desire, we have numerous cosmetic dentistry services that will brighten any smile. Often a simple whitening treatment can change your entire smile. Call today to schedule a consultation to determine if any of our cosmetic dentistry options might be right for you.

Make a Dental Hygiene Appointment Today

If you still have questions about the most effective ways to keep your teeth clean between hygiene visits, call us today to schedule an appointment. Avanti Dentistry’s friendly staff at your Tysons Corner, VA practice are here to help. We welcome patients form Tysons Corner and beyond including Vienna, Arlington, Fairfax, Washington, D.C., and McLean.

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