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Tysons Corner orthodontist: what to do if braces break

February 1, 2016

Filed under: Orthodontics — Dr. Farshad Farhoumand @ 9:03 pm

Tysons Corner orthodontistTraditional metal braces sometimes break. Learn how to avoid problems and what to do if they happen from Tysons Corner orthodontist, Dr. Ignacio Blasi, Jr.

Braces from Tysons Corner’s premier dental practice, Avanti Dentistry, straighten teeth to optimize dental health and create great smiles. Sometimes traditional braces break. Dr. Ignacio Blasi, Tysons Corner orthodontist, advises patients on how to keep braces intact and on what to do if problems arise.


The care and repair of braces

A mouthful of traditional metal bracket and wire braces–they are the tried and true treatment for all sorts of orthodontic issues from overbite and overjet to gaps, crowding and tooth rotation. While they are worth the time and effort,

Tysons Corner metal braces sometimes break. Brackets come off. Wires break. Spacers dislodge.  Can patients avoid these issues?

As kids would say, stuff happens. However, the American Dental Association recommends 4 care strategies:

  1. Keep your routine orthodontic appointments. Dr. Blasi and his team carefully check and adjust wires and brackets to ensure treatment progress, good hygiene and the integrity of the appliances. Also, continue routine 6-month exams and cleanings; the doctors may spot problems with braces during these appointments.
  2. Eat sensibly–that is, don’t eat foods that are hard to bite and chew. Check with Dr. Blasi for a list of things to avoid, but in general, avoid the sticky, the sugary and the extra tough and fibrous foods. Cut meats and other textured foods into small pieces for easier consumption.
  3. Wear a mouthguard during sports. A blow to the mouth can dislodge bands and break wires, not to mention lacerate the tongue, lips and other sensitive oral tissues.

If a problem does happen, consider doing the following things:


A dislodged wire To protect the inside of your mouth, try to replace the loose end with the eraser end of a pencil. If that fails, put a small amount of orthodontic wax over the wire end, and call Dr. Blasi. A broken wire most likely needs immediate attention.

A loose or dislodged bracket or band These metal devices encircle each tooth. They are bonded in place with composite resin–the stuff tooth-colored fillings are made from. If one comes off completely, hold onto it, and take it to your next appointment at Avanti Dentistry.

A loose or lost spacer This device creates space between teeth that are tightly together. If one comes off or is lost, call the Tysons Corner orthodontist for an appointment.

A patient’s treatment plan will not progress if parts of his or her metal braces are not functioning. So, protecting these metal appliances and getting repairs quickly are very important.

Don’t hesitate to call your Tysons Corner orthodontist

Dr. Blasi and the entire team at Avanti Dentistry desire their patients achieve exceptional smiles. Orthodontic treatment is just part of the comprehensive list of dental services offered. Call the office today if you have an immediate need. Or, if you wish a personal consultation about braces or another service, call the friendly office staff for an appointment.

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