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How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Dental Visit – Tips From Your Pediatric Dentist In Tysons

August 17, 2017

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How can you set your child up for a lifetime of dental success? Follow these tips from your pediatric dentist in Tysons. Your children are the light of your life – there’s nothing you enjoy more than watching them laugh and smile. While their grins may be filled with baby teeth that will eventually come out, it’s important to take care of them and set your kids up for a lifetime of dental success. In this post, find out when to schedule your child’s first appointment with their pediatric dentist in Tysons and how to get your little one ready to see the team at Avanti Dentistry.

When Should I Schedule My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should keep this handy phrase in mind when scheduling your child’s first dental appointment:

  • One by One – Because problems like tooth decay and cavities can arise as soon as teeth show up in the mouth, kids should have their first appointment no later than the time they turn one year old.

Since kids are developing hand-eye coordination, brushing properly can be a challenge. And, when you combine young motor skills with the amount of sugar kids are ambushed with each day, tooth decay impacts kids dramatically.

In your first visit, our dentists will educate you and your child, we’ll check for correct anatomical development in the teeth and jaw, and we’ll also perform a thorough exam to make sure cavities and tooth decay are kept at bay.


What Can I Do To Get Ready For My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

Our team recommends the following strategies to make your son or daughter’s first dental appointment a great experience:

  • Make It Fun – Watch cartoons, read children’s books about the dentist, and use these handy coloring book pages and activity sheets from the ADA to give your kids a positive impression of their oral healthcare pro. You can also play a 2-3 minute song when brushing to make sure you do this long enough – music makes everything fun.
  • Be Practical – When scheduling the appointment, set it up at a time after your child has eaten, and not around their normal naptime. No one – regardless of age – enjoys going to their dentist in Tysons when they’re hungry or tired, so keep this in mind.
  • Be Prepared – Bring a favorite toy or blanket with you to the appointment to give your child a sense of security. Be prepared emotionally, too – fussing and tears are normal. Kids often become anxious just because this is a brand-new experience, and not because anything is actually wrong.
  • Be a Good Example – Speak highly of the dentist and keep any of your teeth woes to yourself. Eat right, brush and floss right alongside your kids, and if you smoke, quit now – your kids are watching.

Now that you know your child have their first dental appointment by their first birthday, schedule your visit with Avanti Dental now – we’ll give your kids a smile that will last a lifetime.

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