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 Your Tysons Corner endodontist delivers painless root canals

November 1, 2015

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Tysons Corner Endodontist Tysons Corner endodontist, Dr. Kathy Le, performs root canal therapy that saves teeth and is painless, too. Learn how this reliable dental procedure is quick, effective and fear-free, too.

Your Tysons Corner endodontist transforms throbbing, infected or otherwise damaged teeth into healthy smiles that last for decades with modern endodontic therapy. Otherwise known as a “root canal,” endodontics remove diseased tooth pulp and preserve healthy tooth structure as an effective and pain-free alternative to extraction.


At Avanti Dentistry, your comfort, oral health and overall well-being are of utmost importance to Dr. Farshad Farhoumand and his team of highly-trained dental specialists. Dr. Kathy Lee is the resident endodontist at the Tyson Corner dental practice. Dual-certified in both endodontics and emergency endodontics, Dr. Le’s work proves that root canal therapy is a wonderful alternative to tooth extraction.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy or endodontics removes the soft pulp from the one or more inner chambers of an infected tooth. Instead of extracting a tooth that is throbbing, surrounded by red swollen gums and/or causing intensely bad breath, Dr. Le restores the tooth to full health and function, preserving good chewing, biting, tooth alignment and smile aesthetics.

The root canal procedure

Root canal treatment takes 2 one-hour appointments at Avanti Dentistry. Unlike what most people think, root canal therapy is very comfortable and usually requires only local anesthesia (pain shot). After confirming her diagnosis with visual examination and on x-ray and taking an impression of the tooth, Dr. Le drills a small hole into the root canal of the infected tooth. She uses a series of tiny files to extract the diseased connective tissue, blood supply and nerves.

She then instills the chamber with an antimicrobial medication to heal the infection and fills and seals the tooth. The sealant is a rubbery material called gutta-percha. Dr. Le repeats this process as necessary for other infected root canals. Then, she places a temporary filling or crown over the tooth.

After root canal therapy, the tooth heals over a period of a week or 2. Nothing more than over the counter ibuprofen is necessary for minor discomfort, and patients eat soft diets for a few days.

At the next appointment, Dr. Le places a customized crown over the restored tooth structure. She carefully checks for fit and bite, completing the work.  The patient has a natural-looking, functioning and best of all, healthy tooth.

A tooth restored with endodontics functions very well without its inner pulp. This soft tissue plays an important role in tooth development, but as years go on, the pulp is unnecessary.

Could a Tysons Corner root canal be in your future?

If you have a cracked, injured, painful tooth, don’t wait. Contact the professional team at Avanti Dentistry for the best in comprehensive dental services for the whole family. Modern root canal therapy is Dr. Kathy Le’s specialty. She will be happy to evaluate your tooth for safe, pain-free endodontic therapy.


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