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Oral Cancer Screening

The incidence of oral cancer is on the rise -- and the disease is striking patients at a younger age than ever before. Statistics related to oral cancer are startling. Did you know that the disease kills one American every hour? And that its prevalence has increased every year over the last five years (for the first time in three decades)? Fortunately, early detection aids greatly in the successful treatment of oral cancer. Your dentist in Tysons, VA performs oral cancer screenings with the help of OralID.

Facts About Mouth Cancer

Oral cancer is that of the lips, throat, tongue, cheeks, or anywhere in the oral cavity. It has a remarkably high death rate -- 43 percent of patients with the disease will not be alive five years after their diagnosis. It is thought that the death rate for oral cancer is so high due to its late detection.

The incidence of the disease is also dramatically increasing as a result of exposure to the HPV, or human papillomavirus. Sexual activity is the newest risk factor for the disease, along with tobacco use of any kind, alcohol use, age (people over 40), gender (men are slightly more likely to have oral cancer), and genetics. If someone in your family had oral cancer, you are more likely to get it, too.

Regular oral cancer screenings allow your doctor to keep an eye on your oral cavity and notice the small changes that could indicate cancer earlier. Adults should have an examination for mouth cancer at least every year.

The Oral Cancer Screening Process

OralID scope tool
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At Avanti Dental Care, our doctors perform oral cancer screenings with the help of OralID. This handheld tool allows your doctor to get an in-depth view of your soft tissues for earlier detection of oral cancer.

The oral cancer screening can be performed alongside your regular checkup and cleaning. It is a visual and tactile examination of all oral structures. The screening begins with an in-depth discussion with your dentist regarding your oral health. Let us know if you have noticed any changes related to your oral health lately -- like numbness, persistent sores, or even a change in the tone of your voice.

During the screening, your dentist will look for the indications of cancer. Sores, rough patches, discoloration, asymmetry of the face, lumps, and bumps may all signal the need for further examination.

Cancerous and precancerous lesions can be difficult to spot at an early stage. With fluorescence technology, your dentist uses a blue light to make these spots appear during the oral cancer screening. Healthy tissues shines back green, and abnormal tissue shows up as black. Using OralID alongside the tactile oral cancer screening provides significant help in the early detection, diagnosis, and successful treatment of cancers of the mouth.

Schedule an Oral Cancer Examination Today!

Adults should undergo an oral cancer examination at least every year -- when was your last screening? Request an appointment for checkup and cleaning and oral cancer screening at Avanti Dental today!