Make cosmetic concerns, from chips to gaps, disappear! Embrace bonding for a fast, affordable smile boost

Avanti Dentistry appreciates that some of the world’s most talented doctors practice in the greater Northern Virginia and the D.C. area; however, you would be hard-pressed to find the breadth of specialized expertise available at our Tysons Corner office. Due to our unique level of technical experience and our considerable investments in the latest technologies, patients have peace of mind that all procedures will be performed safely, precisely, comfortably, and in a manner that supports the long-term esthetics, function, and health of the teeth, gums, and supportive tissues and structures of the mouth. 

In turn, cosmetic dentistry services like dental bonding are planned, designed, and performed to ensure a pleasant experience and utmost patient satisfaction with the results of this non-invasive, tooth-preserving, economical, and fast procedure. 

Bonding basics

Dental bonding is generally advised for patients with cosmetic imperfections. Consider how even one chipped or irregularly-sized tooth can affect the appearance of the whole smile. Our talented dentists, Dr. Farshad Farhoumand and associates, prepare a tooth-like dental material and apply it to the surface of the visible teeth. Once the material, typically a composite resin, is secured to the front surface, it covers up the imperfection. 

As noted, our team is adept at preserving, restoring, and rebuilding teeth in a way where the treated or altered tooth looks indistinguishable from its natural neighbors. We take great care to perfectly color match the shade of the composite. So it blends in well with the rest of the tooth and the neighboring teeth. Furthermore, our dentists’ significant training and artistic skill comes in handy when shaping and applying the composite to the tooth. 

The material is malleable or putty-like when first applied to the tooth, which makes the actual process of covering up chipped, cracked, stubbornly stained, gapped-, and poorly-shaped and -sized teeth very “technique-specific.” The results that you get from dental bonding and similar cosmetic procedures (like porcelain veneers) depend on the training, experience, and talents of the professional preparing and securing the dental material to the natural enamel surface. 

Before & After Results

Due to our know-how and complementary quality materials and tools, the composite material is designed to look, feel, and hold up like your natural tooth. And, since we account for the features of your smile and face, any improvements to your teeth bring out your unique, natural beauty. Patients also appreciate that, with bonding, we can: 

  • Dramatically improve the appearance of the smile
  • Preserve the utmost natural tooth structure
  • Painlessly alter the shape, surface appearance, length, shade, and other characteristics of a tooth without anestheticQuickly achieve or restore a confident smile in just one appointment – no return visits
  • Economically correct concerns that detract from the appearance of the smile

Of course, bonding is just one of many cosmetic dentistry services available at our Tysons Corner, VA office. Call (703) 952-0663 to schedule your consultation. Avanti Dentistry provides convenient scheduling options, including early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays.