One of the most interesting aspects of dentistry is the way that the tools and techniques for treating smiles have evolved and advanced in recent years. At Avanti Dentistry, our dentists and team use the latest dental technology in Tysons Corner, Virginia, to help you achieve great oral health and to make previously dreaded treatments, such as tooth extractions or root canal therapy, pain-free, comfortable and effective. If you would like to meet with Dr. Farshad Farhoumand and associates for your appointment, call our office today at (703) 952-0663.

Our office is dedicated to providing you and your family with high-quality dental care that meets your oral health needs. As part of our commitment to your oral health and well-being, we use the latest dental technologies in our practice. Dental technology includes tools, equipment, treatment techniques and materials. By making use of advanced dental technology in our office, our dentists and team can:

  • Better understand your oral health and dental needs.
  • Make faster and more accurate diagnoses of dental problems.
  • Plan more precise and effective treatments.
  • Enhance your comfort.
  • Provide you with faster treatment.
  • Reduce the time needed for healing after your treatment.
  • Provide better long-term results for your smile and oral health.

Our goal is to make your experience with us as efficient and comfortable as possible. Each type of technology used in our office has its own benefits, from the detailed images captured by X-rays to the improved results that come from using the latest treatment materials and techniques. We encourage you to contact our office and speak with a member of our team if you have any questions about our cutting-edge technologies. Give us a call today to find out more and make your appointment!