Treat gum disease conservatively and painlessly with lasers … restore your healthy, happy smile!

Everything we do at Avant Dentistry in Tysons Corner, Virginia, is hyper-focused on your utmost comfort, safety, satisfaction, and the most pleasant and hassle-free experience. For this reason, an array of dental specialties are represented under our roof. There is no need to go anywhere else for advanced expertise in areas like diagnosing, treating, and managing gum disease.

Specialists like our periodontists, Drs. Christopher Drennen and Bita Farhoumand are supported by precision technologies and techniques. Advanced capabilities further support our mission of gentle, optimal, conservative, and convenient dental care. 

Get to know the power of the LANAP procedure

It’s estimated that almost one of every two U.S. adults aged 30 and older have gum disease. Our team partners with patients to minimize their risks of developing this destructive condition – a leading cause of tooth loss – in the first place. And we emphasize early intervention to halt the progression of the disease before irreversible damage occurs. 

The laser-assisted new attachment procedure, or LANAP, has been perfected since its debut in the 1990s. LANAP is a painless and minimally invasive alternative to more aggressive surgical options that use cutting techniques and instruments to resolve moderate to severe periodontal disease.

Laser dentistry as a whole has been revolutionizing many common dental procedures by providing a new approach and alternative to conventional treatments. When in the hands of skilled and experienced specialists like Drs Drennen and Farhoumand, the handheld laser device may be precisely, safely, and predictably directed toward the treatment site. In this case, the energy from the laser light is used to treat diseased soft tissues or gingiva (gums). There are many benefits to this process: 

  • The laser may be used to eradicate the harmful bacteria responsible for gum disease. 
  • The laser also encourages the natural and efficient healing process. 
  • LANAP furthermore promotes the healthy reattachment of the gums to the teeth. 
  • LANAP does not require cutting or sutures. 
  • It is tolerated very well with minimal risks of sensitivity, tenderness, swelling, and bleeding. 
  • It is appropriate for many different types of patients. 
  • This treatment encourages the actual regeneration of lost or deteriorated tissues.
  • Due to the nature of this process, LANAP can be completed quickly and gets fast results.

LANAP may also be appropriate for patients whose gums have not responded adequately to other therapies, such as “deep cleaning” with scaling and root planing. Do not wait until you notice changes to your mouth to contact us. Gum disease is “silent” (asymptomatic) in its earliest stages. So, by the time you notice “pink in the sink,” painful sensitivity, or other problems, the disease has likely progressed and caused damage that requires restorative care. Schedule your check-up today by calling Avanti Dentistry in Tysons Corner, VA, at (703) 952-0663.